Instagram co-pilot for DM marketing

AI-powered marketing automation


Dig deeper into your Instagram audience

Automatically analyse and qualify contacts based on engagement history and context.

Create segments to organize your audience and personalize your messages.

Analyse my audience

Send DM campaigns with a 95% open rate

Engage your audience with DM campaigns designed to boost interaction and increase conversion.

Nurture personal relationships with automated actions and replies.

Send MY First campaign

Integrate Instagram DMs
in your existing workflows

Use our intuitive no-code builder to design custom scenarios and use triggers from your existing info system

Link Instagram workflows

The perfect companion for social media-driven brands

Rising Businesses

Differentiate yourself in a sea of digital noise & saturated online markets.

B2C Startups

Reduce acquisition costs and build lasting customer relationships.

Creator Brands

Monetise your social media presence without alienating your audience.

Answer automatically with your custom AI agent

Our AI agents adapt to your unique tone of voice and answers automatically based on your general information and FAQ answers.

Setup my AI agent

Supercharge your Instagram Ads with DM funnels

Capture maximum traction from your paid ads and stop losing leads with engaging interactions and automated follow-ups.

Supercharge my ads

Automate manual prospection at scale

Build automated funnels to get more leads and track your entire funnel easily.

Just send the first DM and let Inro do the rest.

Automate my funnel

They tried it and they loved it!

"I used to do this manually. Inrō saves me at least 2 hours everyday."

Anaïs Garnier

CEO & Co-founder - WeInk

"Inro DM campaigns feel so much more personal and authentic. My users love it!"

Yoline Badet


"I am amazed by the number of leads we got with the exact same ad budget."

Mathilde Devaux

Head of Marketing - Nona Source

What are you waiting for?

Turn Followers into Customers

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How do I set up and start using Inro?

Setting up Inro takes just 2 minutes. Use our templates to get started, and it'll change your Instagram game from your first use.

Here are the steps to get started with Inro:

1. Create an Account: Sign up using Google Connect.

2. Follow Onboarding: Go through the guided onboarding process.

Make sure you have:
    - Your Facebook login and password are ready.
    - A professional Instagram account
    - Your Instagram account linked to your Facebook page

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact in-app support or at

Is Inro approved by Instagram/Meta?

Yes, Inro and our parent company, EDGAR SAS, are Meta-approved.

As a Meta-approved vendor,  we comply with Instagram's Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service. We also undergo regular audits by Meta to ensure we provide a safe and compliant experience for all our users. So you can use Inro with confidence.

Is my data and my clients' & followers' data safe with Inro?

Absolutely. We prioritize the safety of your data, along with your clients' and followers'.

Our data processing is automated, and our staff does not handle it manually. We use data strictly to operate and enhance Inro, we don’t and will never sell it to any third parties.

Encryption: All data transmitted between Inrō and our servers is encrypted using industry-standard protocols, protecting your information during transmission.

Secure Servers: Our servers have robust security measures, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems, to prevent breaches.

Regular Security Audits: We conduct regular security audits to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities, keeping our security measures up-to-date.

For more details, check our Privacy Policy.

Who is Inro for?

Inro is perfect for:

D2C Brands: Direct-to-consumer brands looking to build a direct connection with their customers and drive sales through Instagram.

B2C Startups: New businesses aiming to leverage social media to grow their customer base, reduce churn, and enhance engagement.

Creators: Influencers and creators who want to transform their Instagram followers into loyal customers.

Agencies: Marketing agencies managing multiple Instagram accounts for clients and seeking to automate and enhance engagement.

Anyone Who Wants to Build Instagram as an Acquisition Channel: Businesses and individuals looking to grow their engagement and turn Instagram interactions into customer acquisitions.

How much does Inro cost?

Inro offers a subscription-based pricing model that scales the number of contacts you activate. This limit resets every month so you only pay for your desired level.

The first month is completely free for you to discover Inro and make it your own. Then, starting next month pro plans are available starting at just €19.99/month, allowing you to activate up to 1,000 contacts each month.

We have tried to keep it accessible and flexible so you only pay for your needs.

If you have a specific need or are an enterprise customer, connect directly with our CEO at

Does Inro support integrations? Which ones?

Currently, you can integrate Inro with your e-commerce stores, CRM, and other marketing tools using our robust webhooks.

We're also working on native integrations for popular CRMs, e-commerce platforms, marketing tools, and an official API.

If there's any specific integration you would love to see or a use case you would like to explore don't hesitate to write us at

Does it work for teams and organisations?

Yes, with Inro you can create organization accounts & multiple members.

This makes Inro suitable for organizations where multiple people manage a single Instagram account. At the same time, it's also perfect for an agency or a company that handles multiple Instagram accounts at once.

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