Instagram co-pilot for DM marketing

AI-powered marketing automation


Dig deeper into your Instagram audience

Automatically analyse and qualify contacts based on engagement history and context.

Create segments to organize your audience and personalize your messages.

Analyse my audience

Send DM campaigns with a 95% open rate

Engage your audience with DM campaigns designed to boost interaction and increase conversion.

Nurture personal relationships with automated actions and replies.

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Integrate Instagram DMs
in your existing workflows

Use our intuitive no-code builder to design custom scenarios and use triggers from your existing info system

Link Instagram workflows

The perfect companion for social media-driven brands

Rising Businesses

Differentiate yourself in a sea of digital noise & saturated online markets.

B2C Startups

Reduce acquisition costs and build lasting customer relationships.

Creator Brands

Monetise your social media presence without alienating your audience.

Answer automatically with your custom AI agent

Our AI agents adapt to your unique tone of voice and answers automatically based on your general information and FAQ answers.

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Supercharge your Instagram Ads with DM funnels

Capture maximum traction from your paid ads and stop losing leads with engaging interactions and automated follow-ups.

Supercharge my ads

Automate manual prospection at scale

Build automated funnels to get more leads and track your entire funnel easily.

Just send the first DM and let Inro do the rest.

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What are you waiting for?

Turn Followers into Customers

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How do I set up and start using Inro?

Once you're in with early access, we'll guide you through our easy-to-use interface, showing you how to design automations, launch targeted campaigns, and set up AI to personalize interactions. Inro is available both as a web app and an iOS app, designed to keep you connected on the go.

For the setup, you'll need to link your Instagram Business account and Facebook Business Page to Inro. This integration allows Inro to sync with your Instagram inbox and comment notifications in real time.

Rest assured, privacy is paramount; while we need access to your messages to facilitate this, we do not read your messages (for more on privacy, see our dedicated FAQ).

To complete the setup:
1. Navigate to Instagram Settings > Privacy > Messages, and grant Inro access.
2. Connect your Shopify or Stripe account to start selling directly through Instagram DMs. Don't have an account yet? No worries, you can set one up directly within Inro.

Is Inro approved by Instagram/Meta?

Yes, Inro and our parent company, EDGAR SAS, are Meta-approved.

We undergo regular audits by Meta to confirm our adherence to Instagram's Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, ensuring a safe and compliant experience for all our users.

Is my data and my clients' & followers' data safe with Inro?

Absolutely. We prioritize the safety of your data, along with your clients' and followers'.

Our data processing is automated with no manual handling by our staff.We use data strictly to operate and enhance Inro, we don’t and will never sell it to any third parties.

For more details, check our Privacy Policy.

When is Inro available? Where can I get more information?

Inro is already open to select users in our beta program.

Interested? - Simply fill out the early access form or email our CEO at for more info.

How much does Inro cost?

Our pricing starts at 19.90€/month and scales based on active contacts and required features. To get more information or a personalized quote, please reach out to us at the early access form or email our CEO directly at

Does Inro support CMS platforms besides Shopify?

Currently, we only integrate with Shopify, but we’re adding new features and integrations every day.  If you’d like to have a specific integration - message our CEO at

What are the requirements to join Inro's beta program?

To join Inro's beta program, simply fill out our application form. We'll evaluate your eligibility based on your brand's needs and our current capacity.

Our goal is to partner with a diverse range of businesses to fine-tune Inro's features. No specific prerequisites—just a willingness to collaborate and provide feedback!

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